The “WOW”

What do I do?

I guide you to a place of clarity, which empowers you to create change.

I do this by guiding you to discover your attachment to your stories which have held you back, kept you stuck, weighed you down and then provide insight in order to develop connection so you can move forward with your journey in life.

The stories that we tell ourselves, that no one else hears, have tremendous power in shaping our reality.

We can attach a story to a simple thought or triggered emotion, then that story gets revised and rewritten over and over again in mere seconds. What used to be just a thought, becomes a story. What used to be a story, becomes belief.

I have such a story.

I was at my favourite local ski hill after an overnight dump of snow. After a few morning runs I was keeping watch for the highest chairlift, Skychair, to open so I could have one sweet powder run before I go home.

On my last chairlift ride up, I glanced over and saw that the chair was not moving and I voiced my disappointment.

Me: Sucks that Skychair isn’t open. I just wanted to do one run down it and then go home.
Guy beside me: I just came down from Skychair! You should just go hike it.
Me: Hike it? It takes at least 40 minutes to get to the entrance!
Guy beside me: No it doesn’t…

Then at that very moment I realized what happened.

I couldn’t possibly know it would take 40 minutes to hike to the entrance as I have never done that hike. Yet I made up this story and prevented myself over the last 15 years to ever ATTEMPT to hike it, as I made up a secondary story that it is too difficult.

We reach the top of the lift, I thank the gentleman and proceed to hike to the entrance of the run I want to do.

The amount of time it took me?

10 minutes.

So what stories have you created, which are preventing you from doing something you always dreamed of?

Are you curious to know what you have been missing?

Let me show you!